My Aspirational Suits

suit40'sI have two great Ralph Lauren suits I never wear and they’re like new I’ve worn them so few times. There’s just this one problem. I need to lose ten pounds to wear them.

How do I come to own these suits?

About 15 years ago, I went through a program at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in New York to lose 15 pounds and I did. They gave you a chocolate-tasting drink to substitute for two of your meals a day, which was a big trend in weight loss then.

After about six months, I was one slim trim guy.


I ran out and bought the two suits at Bloomingdale’s. It was almost summer so, after just a couple of wearings, the suits went into a storage bag till fall. When I tried them on in September– uh-oh– I had gained back six pounds and the fit was now tight.

I put the suits away, planning to lose the six pounds. But I forgot them and gradually gained back the weight I had lost

This week I again found the two great suits. Here’s how I’m putting them to use. I’ve hung them in my clothes closet right where I can see them every day and I’m going to get into those suits again by cutting the size of portions and exercising more often.

Lose weight nowI was also thinking about signing up for the hospital weight-loss program again. But it’s changed and is for people who need to lose 50 pounds or more and isn’t based on a tasty liquid drink. Science marches on. Now they give you counseling by behavioral therapists, registered dieticians, and exercise physiologists.

Not for me. I just want to take off the 10 pounds that will restore my Ralph Lauren suits to splendor. Seeing the suits every day, will be like being at a spa and getting motivated to lose the weight.

I start next week.

To get ready, we had dinner last night at a restaurant which has an ideal fish and vegetables health menu–with one exception. The best dessert is a chocolate fondue. They bring you hot melted chocolate syrup and items to dip in it: slices of banana, chunks of other fruit, just a few small brownies.

For anyone reading this post about my suits, but who needs to lose a lot more than my 10 pounds (plus whatever the chocolate fondue added) I recommend hospital weight-loss centers or programs like Weight Watchers. They’re science-based and I know the people at St. Lukes-Roosevelt hospital were serious and helpful in the days when I took off the 15 pounds.

If you want to learn more about their system, you can get in touch with the contact there at They’re among the most experienced people in the weight-modification field and have probably learned a lot since the days I was on their liquid-drink treatment.

mens-fashion-1940s3And it would be a good idea to find some clothing hidden away in a closet and join me in hanging aspirational clothing where it’s visible daily. I’m very confident it’s a can’t-miss system and I’ll report by spring how it’s worked.

However, if you happen to have developed your own system that can knock off 10 pounds, send it to me using the comments section of this blog.

It never hurts to have a Plan B.