Miles David has been on the front lines for a broad sweep of history, first serving in the combat engineers as American forces defeated Germany, then reporting on significant events including the Nuremberg trials for Stars and Stripes, the army newspaper. Upon returning to civilian life, he followed the trail of new technologies as an editor of  Science Illustrated, and then became an editor of Sponsor Magazine, a broadcasting trade paper. Later, as CEO of R.A.B., the trade association for the radio industry, he rubbed shoulders with advertising’s Mad Men and eventually became vice chairman of an ad agency.

Miles and his wife Florence were longtime residents of Scarsdale, a suburb north of New York City, where they brought up their three children, Steven, Amelia, and Heidi.

While it might seem logical for a man whose done this much to retire, that would be too dull for this time traveler. Instead, Miles can now add author to his list of credits. His debut novel, SAVING THE PRESIDENT takes place in a not too distant future where Margaret Massey, America’s first female president, fends off dictators and political strategists as she struggles to leave a positive mark in the history books.


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